Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Oh hello. Yes it has been way too long.
Sorry I can't tell you when I'll start blogging again...

Maybe when I find a new template that doesnt f-up on me and an image host that doesnt bail on me like this one did. Blah.

Good day everyone.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello, hello, hello.

It's been way, way too long, I know. :)

To those who have given up on reading and following this bloggie... I'm sorry and I understand your frustrations, coming back time and again to the same old un-updated page, and definitely don't blame anyone for losing faith in me and this silly page. But for those of you who have stuck with me even after this long drought.... thank you.

Well.... let's just say that I've allowed life to catch me by the ankles and dangle me upside-down helplessly for long enough. I've been depressed, drained and constantly exhausted (woo-hoo nothing new eh), with nothing but morbid, whiny-poo thoughts. So I figured it would be better to remove myself temporarily from the blogosphere than to spew my sob-sob stories of self-pity.

But well anyways I'm glad to say I'm feeling better now - MUCH better.
I've gotten over some things... learned to let go... learned to live and let life....
I'm trying to be less antisocial... trying to go out and mingle more. Trying to have my "own group" of friends instead of constantly being or feeling like "the guest" or "the outsider" and well I suppose that's going okay...

Oh and just to answer this question for the 854513461693th time....
Ernie and I are still together. Yeap... BELIEVE IT!!

I guess at the end of the day when you really sit down and look at it.... life isn't really that big a bitch after all. I will be 21 this year.... woot woot. And in so many ways, my "special" 21st birthday blessings and gifts have indeed come early.

how many people are lucky enough to meet 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman!?

And above that... how many are lucky to get LEG-PRESSED by THE Ronnie Coleman??? :P

Aaaaand.... I was lucky... THAT lucky.... to get to sit riiiiight next to Big Ron in the cinema!

Priceless picture... I shifted one seat... and called over to Ronnie to look over and smile :)

And another shot I took of Ronnie when he returned to his seat after his guest posing. Talk about UP-CLOSE!! :P Mwehehe~

Another pic of Ronnie and I, taken by Wee Kiat.

Oh and heres a pic of me that Lee (one of the guys I met in Singapore during the event) took of me that I like very much. ^^ Hehe.... LOOOOOVE my Ed Hardy dress!!

Oh yeah and I will be competing for the first time reaaaaaal soon. In Singapore, for the Asian Model Physique category.
Now don't bowl me over with questions.... I kept it quiet for a very long time for a reason. It's been absolutely harrowing and stressful but hey I won't complain. Besides I never thought I'd even start competing! So yeah beggars can't be choosers... and I suppose this is precisely what I needed, ready or not, to give me that big boot in the behind and get the ball rollin'. It's a miracle that the opportunity even came around considering womens' physique events are banned here!!

And besides all that, business has been picking up. I'm constantly running to and from work these days on top of having to go to (big groan!!) uni but again - have no right to complain cos the paychecks buy me practically everything I want.

Oh speaking of miracles.... I am trully blessed for on top of all the little things that have gone right for me... the competition, the business, the opportunities.... and above all that... I'm a proud mummy too! :P

Oooooh don't get any ideas lol I didn't get knocked up haha!
To those who don't know yet, I have a 6-week-old baby ball python named Orion, and he is the most precious thing ever to me. It was a long, diffcult process and an even longer wait involving lots of dissapointments, heartbreak and tears... but seeing him peacefully snoozing away right now in his corner of my room is WORTH IT!!

Will share his story and pics in another post.... this one is getting ridiculously long lol.

Oh and before I go... congrats Jay Cutler for winning his 4th Mr. Olympia title today!

And bye for now :) You may not hear from me as frequently as before... but I'm alive and kickin' alright!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Soooo. Not very much has been up. Haha how predictable. Not surprised if most people have already given up on reading or following this. But I got some good news - my left elbow has been showing tremendous improvements... especially after laying off pole classes for two weeks. I'm back to bench-dipping 30kgs with very minimal pain - back to where I started!! Yay!! And I will be working on increasing that load with time. :) Pulldowns are completely pain-free now as well so it's a huge thrill for me.

On the bad side my lats are painful and feeling very strained due to all the momentum exerted to spin on the pole. Heavy girl + momentum = never turns out good! Hope I survive the next few weeks without having to take another break.

And hey Mr. KL was last weekend! The usual stuff - catching up with friends, hanging around, oh and I was also there to do my judges practical so okay not so much the catching up. But congratulations are in order as many of my pals did exceptionally this year!

Congrats to Azwan for winning his category (over 70kg Juniors), bagging the silver medal in the Open class (whoaa!!) Middleweight category, and also grabbing the Best Posing Routine award.

Congrats Wee Kiat for placing second in the under 70kg Juniors!

Congrats Henry for coming in third place in the Masters category. Pretty damn awesome considering this is a 63 year old man we're talking about!!

Congrats Syed Azman for bagging the gold in the Lightweight category!

Congrats Sam Adnan for winning his category (Flyweight) and winning the Most Muscular award in the Champion of Champions round!

And of course... congrats Iwan Setiawan for bagging the overall title and being crowned Mr Kuala Lumpur 2010!

I currently dont have as many photos... but will upload (or try to) as time goes by.

Oh and it was completely unexpected that they wanted me to present the prizes for the Lightweight category too. LOL. So here I am, with Syed Azman.

And I found some pretty outdated food pics in my cam from a couple weeks back. So why not share some eh. Hehe. Me and my sweet tooth. But I'm pleased so say (and very proud of myself too!) that I haven't had a really bad sweet binge at all outside my cheat day for the past 4 weeks!

The Black Forest cheese cake from Secret Recipe... Or thats what it was called lol. Duno where the cheese went tho. Just mouthfuls and mouthfuls of whipped cream to me! But it looks good, doesnt it? Gotta love cheat days!

And this is a caramel cheesecake... with bits of nuts in it. Think it's one of my faves to order at Secret Recipe... Im a BIG sucker for all things caramel and toffee. Completely enjoyed this and I think it's loads better than the black forest one.

Lol. I'm so deprived of a life right now the only "interesting" updates I can make are about my cheat day. Haha! Well bye for now. Will write more when I got time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too busy to blog lately.
Screwed up emotionally too and don't want to drown you in a tirade of depressive posts... so...

But I had quite a good time helping out at Mr. Gym Rakyat last Sunday. :) Exhausting... but fun. And catching up with my friends from other gyms and other states after so long was awesome too. :) Was also great to see Zetri on stage.... and Azahar's hot pink posing trunks were epic. Hehe. XD

Oh and congrats to Abang Buda for winning his category!!! :)

There was also an arm-wrestling tournament... where someone actually broke his arm. Scary stuff.

And... the most priceless of all.... meeting up with my former BM teacher, En. Tazri... after 7 years. It was so, so good to see him again and I swear I blushed right up to my ears when he said I looked very charming and grown up now... LOL! Sadly didn't manage to take a photo with him (I really wanted to!) cos he had to leave early and I was tied up with some work.

Thank you Dymen for the photo!
Click thumbnail to enlarge (and click a second time to zoom in to fullsize later)... and forgive the chubby cheeks.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm predicting more effing gym drama on the way.
Worst thing is some of you actually think it's bloody funny.


Why can't you stupid test-jacked meatloafs keep this shit out of the weight room!?

*takes cover in the broom closet and hopes no one finds me*

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Perusing the papers sleepily while having breakfast this morning... I came across a familiar name in the tiny TheStarOnline.tv side-column (which I normally pay no attention to) that perked me wide awake. "Antonio Graceffo"???

So I went over to the page and did a lil clicking around....

Yep, turns out Ernie and I met and hung out with this guy last year during his stopover in Malaysia! I had no idea he was formerly an investment banker, whos was affected by the collapse of the World Trade Centres!

Just to share - here is his video interview.

Antonio has been travelling Asia picking up various forms of martial arts, and he has his own channel of documentaries featuring martial arts.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cos a girl can never have too many shoes. ;)

And ESPECIALLY ass-kicking, ball-crushing stiletto platforms!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm sorry I've not been really in the right mind to blog so I'm not going to be all pretend-chirpy and happy for the masses, and I will be removing myself from the netscape for the meantime until I find my motivation to socialize again. No point mooring my dark cloud over everyone else, kan?

Those of you who are and have been there for me, thank you. I'm going to be a pretty moody and passive person for awhile but I'm working on finding a groove I can hang on to again and be back up running full force.

I MISSED MR KLANG PARADE THIS YEAR!!! Aaaarrrgh. Couldn't take leave cos all my colleagues were going to watch... leaving me to take care of the gym... :( But nevermind - Mr. KL my turn to take leave!!

Well congrats Azwan for bringing home first place in the Juniors category... and Joseph for placing 4th on his first competition! :)

Sigh. I miss training already. Obssessive... I know right. Somehow theres nothing like a good sesh with weights to clear the mind.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Every woman should have 4 pets - a mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in the bedroom, and a jackass who pays for everything."

Just a quote I found on one of the pole forums. LOL-ed so hard at it. XD Think it's gonna be my new fave for awhile. Hehehehehe.

Oh dear God I have no life. Someone take me out pls. Zzzzzzz.


But hey at least I had a pretty damn awesome weekend! Met the national bodybuilding team from Singapore... they were down in KL to train with Wong for about 8 days... so Wong invited me over to hang with them for a little while. No pics unfortunately... #1 cos they just finished training and everyone was in a lazy mood just chilling out... and #2 it honestly didnt cross my mind. LOL. Missed training with them cos of sudden change of plans... but I managed to grab a really good back day at F1 Fitness with Wong which was just as great. :)

And Ernie's finally home from his two-week rendezvous in Indonesia. Really glad that he had a good time - he deserved the time out immensely... and I also enjoyed having the extra time on my hands to catch up and spend more time with other people I haven't been out with for a long time - Ash, Chris, Su Fen.... I've gone visiting other gyms... gone to see Joseph at FF Summit (best of luck at Mr. Klang Parade this weekend!!) and also dropped by the Royal Malaysia Air Force (RMAF) Base to grab a workout with the TUDM fellas! I really believe I've taken for granted how much I love and enjoy being with other people and ultimately I think I need to learn that life does NOT revolve around the boyfriend!! :D Oh don't get me wrong lol Ernie is still a very loved, pampered and cherished and bullied person in my life. Haha.

Ok I need to go do something productive. One more week before college begins and all hell breaks loose. ZZZzzzz.

Friday, May 21, 2010

One of the songs I'm currently obssessed with!!

Ayat-Ayat Cinta by Indonesian artiste Rossa

Beautiful video... I could watch this over and over again. Rossa too looks so beautiful and feminine in this vid, dontcha think?? The song completely caught my attention the first time I heard it on radio. The melody just has such a lilting, haunting quality to it (the dramatic piano tones!! *gasp*).... I totally *heart* Rossa by the way. :) Do happen to really like several of her other songs too, 'Pudar" in particular cos it's so mischevious and cheeky-sounding!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!